Part No Image Product Description Technical Data Related Documents
0805-3640 High Voltage MLC Chips- 600V to 5000V
LD05 - LD40 High Voltage MLC Chips -Tin/Lead Termination B
3009034, 3001034, 3001030 ESCC Qualified SMPS Capacitors High Voltage Chip/Leaded
HP/HW/HK Ceramic Very High Voltage Strontium-based Dielectric
HD/HE HD/HE Type N4700 - Maintenance Only
0805-3640 High Voltage MLC Chips - 600V to 5000V
SV01-SV67 High Voltage Leaded MLC Radials - SV Style
CH41-91, CV41-91 High Voltage Leaded CH/CV Style Vertical Horizontal Mount, Dip & Radial
1825-3640 High Voltage MLC Leaded Chips - 600V to 5000V
LD05-LD40 High Voltage MLCC Tin/Lead Termination B
0805-2225 FLEXITERM� High Voltage MLC Chips 600V to 3000V
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