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[InnoDisk]InnoDisk launches Mini PCIeDOM D150, an alternative SSD solution of mSATA
작성자 : 관리자  작성일 : 2012.01.12   조회수 : 2086
InnoDisk launches Mini PCIeDOM D150, an alternative SSD solution of mSATA

InnoDisk Corp., the leading industrial storage and memory solution provider, announces its cross platform Mini PCIeDOM D150, which belongs to InnoDisk D150 series family designed for industrial PC and embedded system, featuring Standard Mini PCI Express interface, Driverless, and Plug & Play.
Although mSATA is becoming more and more popular, it requires circuit modification on motherboard from PCI Express to SATA, this will make system unable to use other Mini PCIe devices, such as wireless module; Moreover, IPC normally need longer life cycle in most existing IPC motherboards designed with standard Mini PCIe interface, but mSATA SSD is not able to satisfy those demands. That´s why InnoDisk designed Mini PCIeDOM D150 target these requirements.

The Mini PCIeDOM D150 comes with Samsung latest 32nm SLC IC and InnoDisk´s own controller and firmware.

Mini PCIeDOM D150 Features:
  1. Standard PCI Express (Mini PCIe), compliant PCI SIG PCI Express Mini Card SPEC.
  2. Plug & Play
  3. Driverless
  4. 2GB~64GB within original SLC IC
  5. Supports Windows XP Embedded, Windows 7 Embedded, Linux Customizable firmware

InnoDisk D150 series products are designed and targeting industrial fields, not only high reliability and stability, they also covers multiple form factors to fulfill a variety of demands and applications. D150 series products include mSATA D150, SATA Slim D150, SATADOM D150S, SATADOM D150Q, CFast D150, and Mini PCIeDOM D150.

About InnoDisk
Founded in March 2005, with the long experience and profound knowledge in NAND flash memory, InnoDisk is capable of developing series of product with excellent quality, remarkable performance, and high reliability as well as cost effective. Focusing on the variety market demand, InnoDisk provides both consumer and industrial storage solutions, the company develops, manufactures and markets NAND flash storage products for a wide range of application platforms. InnoDisk commits to excellent achievement, higher standard of quality, and reliability as well as performance. With the dedicate service and professional, technical know-how, InnoDisk delivers the right solutions to your requirements.
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