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[InnoDisk]Excellent!! InnoDisk announces revolutionized industrial microSD card with S.M.A.R.T and D
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Excellent!! InnoDisk announces revolutionized industrial microSD card with S.M.A.R.T and Data Refresh function.

While microSD card has been a popular embedded storage device for mobile market, InnoDisk has been developing a more reliable microSD card that will support ruggedized applications in the embedded fields. Therefore, InnoDisk would like to introduce you the industrial-grade microSD card built with SLC (Single Level Cell) flash, delivering the most reliable microSD card with outstanding performance and excellent endurance.

In additional to the traditional SD Cards, InnoDisk´s industrial microSD card supports S.M.A.R.T function that can be used to monitor the health of storage and built-in Data Refresh function that can avoid abnormal read disturbance.

InnoDisk´s Industrial microSD card with following features:
  1. Built-in SLC(Single Layer Cell) flash: The data Program/Erase cycles is over 100,000 times and sequential read/write performance is up to 20/14MB bytes/sec. (over CLASS 10)
  2. Supports (S.M.A.R.T): User can monitor the health of microSD card.
  3. Built-in Data Refresh mechanism: The read times of mem
  4. Power Cycling Enhanced: While sudden power shut down from host, this feature will be able to make sure the data has stored into flash without any data loss.
  5. Operation in Rugged environment: For industrial applications, InnoDisk´s microSD card delivers Water proof, Dust proof, ESD proof and Wide-Temperature resistance (-40~+85).

The most important requirements to support industrial applications are the consistencies of product quality, performance and product longevity. Therefore, in order to fulfill these requirements, InnoDisk guarantees the BOM of key components to be same throughout the life time of business (unless changes required by customer or raw material phase out). In additional, InnoDisk will promise at least 3 years stable supply without any shortage.
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