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[InnoDisk]InnoDisk´s InnoRobust II awarded the 20th annual Taiwan SSD top excellence honor
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InnoDisk´s InnoRobust II awarded the 20th annual Taiwan SSD top excellence honor

Congratulations to InnoDisk´s InnoRobust II SATA SSD for being nominated by BOFT &TAITRA and receiving the top honor of Taiwan Excellence award during their 20th annual SSD nomination event. As one of the top industrial storage manufacturers and years of cultivation within the military industry, InnoDisk has successfully become one of the most reliable war service-control and storage providers. InnoDisk´s power-data-loss prevention technology has successfully remediated the shortcomings of our traditional SSD and combined with in-house production, top notch R&D as well as product consistency within a unified product line to ensure the best of quality, thus attracting more attention from distributors all over the globe.

InnoRobust II SATA SSD InnoRobust II SATA SSD Features:
  1. Compliant with MIL-STD-810-F/G
  2. Data Security (QEraser/SEraser/Write Protect)
  3. iCell technology for data protection
  4. Excellent data transfer rate
  5. Conformal coating (Optional)

InnoRobust II, after having its debut at one of the largest military trade shows in Europe this year has been receiving constant praises throughout the globe. Its applications have been widely used among aerospace, military, governmental service agencies, cloud servers and industrial embedded equipments. InnoDisk will continue to expand its market internationally, devoting more efforts into enhancing its OMB leadership, delivering the best product to our customer throughout the globe.

About InnoDisk:

InnoDisk Corp provides a variety of industrial memory storage modules including: FiD Series (Industrial SSD), SATADOM series (SATA 7pin Flash Module), EDC/iCF series (Embedded Flash Module), Embedded USB Module, I-DIMM series (Industrial DRAM Module), and server memories, etc. All storage modules are developed manufactured and control by InnoDisk, incorporating our company´s mission- "Design, service, quality, delivery" to ensure our customers´ complete satisfaction.
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