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The Server Boot Drive of Tomorrow
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Choosing the most appropriate server boot drive can save time, safeguard your data, and — ultimately — lower your total cost of ownershipEvery server needs to boot from a local drive. These drives come in a variety of form factors and with a diversity of interfaces and protocols. Each type of drive embodies different advantages (and disadvantages), so deciding which is best isn’t necessarily a clear-cut choice.The first thing that might come to mind is performance requirements. Time shaved off the boot sequence can be immensely valuable. As for challenges, power consumption and heat dispersal are constant threats to server performance. Minimizing the amount of power consumed is certainly in the best interest of any data center operator, not to mention the fact that high temperatures can exacerbate data retention issues in flash memory.So what are the choices to consider, and who are the upcoming players? Let’s dive into the current status of server boot drives and see what the future holds.
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